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There has been no better look into the future of an industry as we have with tobacco right now. There is a cosmic tidal wave coming to shake up the tobacco industry. Vaping is that wave. It's still several miles out from the shoreline, but it keeps getting bigger and bigger with each new vaper.

According to the CDC, there are already over 9 million regular vapers. Most vapers used to be smokers and the tobacco industry has to be feeling the loss of nearly 9 million cutomers. A customer to a tobacco company is a very profitable thing. It's not like other industry where a customer will buy from you once or twice. The customers are loyal lifetime customers, spending an insane amount of money on cigarettes. One customer will spend more on cigarettes than you will at your favorite restaurant for the rest of your life.

The sad part is, most people want to quit but can't find a decent cessation device. I think you can see where this is going.


Welcome to the World of Vaping

Even though vaping is not officially classified as a smoking cessation device in the United States, thousands of people are claiming that it has helped them make the switch. And as you can see from the data above, over 9 million people are vaping now. Studies are backing up these claims that e-cigs help smokers quit. This most definitely spells bad news for the tobacco companies. I'm not qualified to give you investment advice, but I'm curious to know how their investors feel.

If I was an investor, idk what I'd do. Since investors are rich, they probably don't care and will play it cool. They probably have nothing to worry about because a lot of people think vaping is for sissies and girls. They want to smoke because they think it's macho. If destroying your lungs is macho, then I don't want to be macho. There will always be a plethora of smokers, or at least that's my prediction. But my other prediction is that vaping will become the most popular method of delivering nicotine.

Get Ready For the Future

Now you've been made aware of a major shift going on. Shifts like this only happen once in a lifetime and always pop up out of nowhere. I didn't see it coming and was even late to the party. I didn't really realize how much potential vaping had to become the defacto standard for nicotine delivery until 2014. I felt really lame for being so late to realize how big of a deal vaping really is.

Are you ready for the future?