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Our website is going to be a good resource for you if you're a beginner or intermediate vaper.

When i was a kid i started a candy business. I thought it'd be easy because i was cute and my dad did his own freelance exterminating on the side. Entrepreneurship was in my blood. Butt how wrong I was. Entrepreneurship is very different than freelancing. I went down a very rough path, got in with the wrong people and like my dad - started smoking to help with the stress. 

I learned through experience that he didn't have his side business because he wanted to be a big businessman someday. He had it because he was depressed and struggling to make ends meet. It wasn't creative for him, it was out of necessity.

I got to the lowest point in my life and decided to quit smoking altogether. I was so mad, I went cold turkey and after a week bought a pack of cigs again. I was just about to smoke them when I saw a guy smoking. I went up and asked what he was smoking and if I could get just one puff (didn't want to smoke a whole pack when I was so close to full-fledged quitting.)

The thing is, I was in desperate need of something to settle my nerves. I was on edge, pissed at my boss, my girl had just moved out with the kids, I was at rock bottom. i literally walked up to this guy and asked him for a try. He looked at my kinda funny - at the time I didn't know this industry was "personal" and everybody gets their own mod haha. I explained what I was going through. I even told him about my deadbeat father who tried his hardest to get some traction but couldn't get out of his own way. The guy had an e-cig with 4.8% nicotine. 

When I tried it, I actually liked it BETTER than cigarettes. Just seemed cleaner but still gave me that cigarette buzz. I had to tell everyone. Instead of starting a side hustle - I moved into a studio apartment and put my all into building a juice company. Eventually I wanna do the mods but the juice it much more doable right now with all my kids expenses and such.

Making your own products is more expensive than having them produced and drop shipped though. I like having my own business. I like doing my own stuff. You'll like my juices because they're made with the heart. They're made with passion and love, one by one. I feel like a scientist when I make the juice.

Once a month I rent a lab and go to work. Unless I get a big order and have to mix an emergency batch. The rest of the month is spent testing smells, traveling to conventions around the country, packaging, shipping, and marketing. I gotta say I love this job, man. It's like helping people kick their addiction and making dope, artistic blends also.